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Delta-8 THC

Gold Delta-8 Distillate
$16.25$1,950.00 Details
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Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls
$7.99$324.99 Details
Delta-8 Shatter
$29.99$2,800.00 Details
Delta-8 Distillate
$24.99$3,000.00 Details
Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks
Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks
$20.00$300.00 Details

If you’re craving something a little stronger than CBD, then you’ve got to look into Industrial Hemp Farms’ delta-8 THC catalog.

Don’t worry; this isn’t the illegal cannabinoid you’ve heard in the news. Unlike its “brother” delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC is a relatively rare cannabinoid found in many hemp strains. Delta-8 THC shares some features from delta-9 and CBD, making it an ideal cannabinoid for customers who want a moderately intense session.