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Hemp Dab Extracts

CBD Crystal
$8.49$2,999.99 Details
CBG Distillate
$7.49$749.99 Details
CBD Slab
$9.99$3,249.99 Details
CBG / CBD Terpsolate
$14.99 Details
CBN Distillate
$14.99$74.99 Details
Delta-8 Shatter
$29.99$2,800.00 Details
Delta-8 Distillate
$24.99$3,000.00 Details
Full-Spectrum CBD Shatter
$20.99$210.00 Details

Dabs provide a quick and delicious way to enjoy CBD. Dabs are high-potency cannabinoid concentrates, such as waxes, crystals, or shatter. We offer three different types of CBD dabs in a variety of strains and flavors, including unscented CBD isolate crystal.

Our CBD terpsolate dabs combine 99% pure CBD isolate with mouthwatering natural hemp terpenes. We offer a stunning variety of flavors from old favorites like White Widow and Skunk #1 to the latest superstars such as Glookies and Sunday Driver.