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CBD Isolate

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CBD Isolate


Our high-purity CBD isolate powder is extracted from organic industrial hemp. This fine crystalline powder contains over 90% CBD and is produced and shipped from our lab in Colorado.


CBD isolate is a semitranslucent powder which contains over 90% pure Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a phytocannabinoid that was first located in the hemp plant in 1940. Recent studies have explored CBD’s values in a multitude of areas including cognition.

As the purest form of Cannabidiol CBD isolate contains zero THC. This is good news for those who are sensitive to THC and its potential impairment of thinking and motor functioning.


Our CBD isolate is extracted using a four-part system that begins with Winterization. This is the method by which we are able to eliminate all undesirable elements such as fats, waxes and lipids.

The resulting oil is unrefined and, therefore, in need of some fine-tuning. That’s why our next step involves forceful mixing. In order to get our CBD oil to where it needs to be for deep freezing we implement a machine-mixing machine. Think of that gizmo at your local hardware shop that churns a can of paint and you’ve got the general idea.

From here our oil is placed into deep freeze for a period of no less than 12 hours, after which it is carefully removed and run through a filtration device before being transferred to an extraction jar.

The fourth part of our process is testing. Our state-of-the-art laboratory tests the final product for purity and adulteration. Each batch of CBD isolate is inspected to make sure that no extraneous elements remain in our CBD oil.

Once our staff are satisfied with their yield they send the batch off to Manufacturing where it gets the final touches before being shipped out directly to our customers.

At Industrial Hemp Farms we only use the finest facilities for all of our product development. Our storage tanks are stainless steel to prevent against corrosion and every inch of it is inspected on a regular basis. Our staff adhere to a strict quality control protocol.

Since the extraction of CBD isolate involves alcohol and compressed flammable gases, we maintain evacuation equipment and a walk in vent area as well as internet monitoring that enables us to prevent against hazardous conditions.


Many experts believe that CBD isolate may support balance and potentially promote well-being. Research has suggested that it may stimulate the endocannabinoid system via its interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the human brain.

Although results may vary widely from person to person the general consensus seems to be that CBD isolate may induce a sense of calm and potentially encourage positive emotions. Persons who have used CBD isolate report feeling energized, rejuvenated and alert.

Alternately CBD isolate has been used before bed to potentially encourage a restful night’s sleep. Some customers have said that they slept more soundly after using CBD isolate but this is purely anecdotal.

Among the many potential uses of CBD isolate, some users say that it is helpful in the following areas:

  • Exercise
  • General wellness
  • Restorative sleep
  • Clean energy
  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Stress


CBD isolate is simply the purest form of CBD on the market. It is chosen over other CBD products because of its advanced level of purity as well as its elimination of ancillary compounds.

This does not mean that CBD isolate cannot be used in conjunction with other products containing CBD. On the contrary, we have found that CBD isolate potentiates the effects of CBD hemp flower, serving as the most demonstrative compound for the so-called “entourage effect.”


Retail pricing fluctuates wildly, especially as CBD grows in popularity. Since CBD has become so prevalent in the United States proprietors have begun taking advantage of consumer demand by price gouging.

Those purchasing CBD online can expect to pay as much as $600 for 14 grams of CBD isolate powder. Here at Industrial Hemp Farms, we understand that this is not cost-productive for most of our patrons and their CBD needs.


Commercial purchases of CBD isolate can get rather pricey. The more spendthrift company may think nothing of dropping five grand on bulk CBD isolate powder. But where’s the fun in that?

We want our customers to come back to us again and again which is why we offer you the most for your investment. All first-time buyers can expect a deep discount on their initial purchase with a promise of savings when they return to place additional orders.

Longevity is the key to a prosperous business. This is something that is true for everyone. At Industrial Hemp Farms we understand that this prosperity is a two-way road and that we must travel down it together in order to keep on truckin’.

Our CBD isolate kilos are affordably priced and ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment. All products are guaranteed and our staff are available 24/7 to answer any and all questions or concerns.

26 reviews for CBD Isolate

  1. wabewawa (verified owner)

    I hope it’s not a fluke that my most recent order of this is now more powdery than granular. It’s similar in texture to the CBD isolate powder I first bought elsewhere (but which costs five times more than IHF’s). It’s much more palatable under the tongue now. IHF has made a good thing even better!

  2. bigdaver (verified owner)

    I love the isolate, tinctures too grassy for me, and tested the purity after doubts from a local CBD supplier, quality was 99.9%

  3. Jonathan Tarr (verified owner)

    I am a formulation chemist and IHF CBD isolate is the purest and highest efficacy on the market, for the lowest price found domestically. Go nowhere else. Fine white crystalline powder. I have purchased isolate for more that is off-white or brown. IHF is consistently perfect!

  4. B (verified owner)

    Worth every penny and so much more! This is absolutely my go to for preventative maintenance and if or when I ever start feeling under the weather. Works like a charm every time!

  5. Animl

    I trashed my shoulder and was in pain for a month every day. I was eating 1000’s of mg of ibuprofen. A month later, a friend gave me some of their isolate. In TWENTY MINUTES the pain was gone. A week later my shoulder was fine. I wont ever go without this again. I also noticed that when my lower back is about to go out, if I just take a second and stretch… I just get a little stiff instead of my back being pulled for 1-2 weeks. So it’s almost as if this stuff fights the effects of dehydration in a way. The arthritis in my hands doesn’t hurt at all anymore. Instead of feeling like peanut brittle that might break, I’m more like taffy that stretches. I dunno how to explain it any other way. But I just don’t feel permanently damaged anymore. I take it every day in my coffee. I don’t ever want to go without it.

  6. Sherman Kaplitz (verified owner)

    Very cheap and effective! Readily dissolves in MCT oil in a mild heat bath.

  7. Integrity1981 (verified owner)

    Amazing price n works just like isolate from anywhere else. Yet a fraction of the cost here.

  8. Torvis Gardner

    I love the cbd isolate. Can’t beat the prices. Thanks for all the great product.

  9. Chris Katopodis (verified owner)

    I cannot describe how great I feel when I take this product, it helps somewhat with my blood pressure but mostly I just noticed a great increase in my mood and confidence. I got my wisdom tooth yanked out the other day and did not need Tylenol 3 or anything felt no pain, another great benefit. I will be a lifelong customer.

  10. Damon Brown


  11. Josh (verified owner)

    I like to place a dab of delta 8 distillate under the screen of my pax2 before I pack an oven half full with hemp flower, spread a layer of the isolate on top, and then finish packing the oven. It’s awesome and I just purchased more!!!

  12. Devin Huntoon (verified owner)

    Omg This Stuff Enhances Your CBD To A Whole New Level.¡ definitely Recommend.¡

  13. Robert Newman (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with this product. Its purity is off the charrs and gives me a geeat deal of confidence in this product. I have enjoyed taking it and it has helped with my chronic pain.

  14. Giorgina Alarcon (verified owner)

    Most affordable out there and definitely worth the buy!

  15. Larry Gephart

    I have been purchasing isolate from IHF for the last few ears. It is the most affordable way for me to get the healing effects of CBD.

  16. Ivan Pennell (verified owner)

    Love these prices. And quality is great. Just wish they would test for safety standards, like heavy metals and other things from processing. I’ve been ordering from IHF for a while and all there products are good. I make my own CBD oil, and use quite a bit. I put the isolate in a jar half immersed, on top of a tong, in boiling water for 30min, then mix in MCT oil, and cook another 5min. This isolate is just as effective as other brands, that cost a lot more. This stuff is great for my anxiety and helps me sleep. I tell all my friends to order from these guys.

  17. J (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Vapes well and the shipping was fast. Can’t beat the price either. Definitely recommend.

  18. David Lingerfelt

    I use their cbd isolate nice with coconut oil on popcorn. Its great! It cuts a little post work anxiety without the high. I keep coming back for more.

  19. Raymond E (verified owner)

    Purchased 5 grams CBD Isolate powder. Great price, fast shipping and always great quality products from IHF. Time to make some tinctures.

  20. Kiara Castellanos (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! You can add it to your drinks or salves! I always refer my friends to this company for any of their CBD needs and highly recommend this product to anyone needing pain or anxiety relief!

  21. Joe whittey (verified owner)

    Excellent product better than an other I have tried best quality for the price most affordable on the internet

  22. John Roidt (verified owner)

    Great product always. Clean and dpure, and the best price around.

  23. Lahienda Thompson

    I received my order today. The Isolate powder is exactly what I needed for my CBD body oils.
    Thanks to customer service for assisting me with my order. I will definitely be ordering more.

  24. Daniel Barker (verified owner)

    Solid product, can’t beat these CBD crystals!

  25. Elizabeth Jones (verified owner)

    This is the best price I have found for cbd isolate & the purity level is excellent as an herbalist I am confident in using it to formulate my creams, lotions, & salves.

  26. Mike (verified owner)

    Works best for me when I mix a few grams in some olive oil and emulsify it in a dropper bottle that I soak in very hot tap water, like 180 degrees

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