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CBC Distillate

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  • 99.7% Cannabichromene
  • Isolated CBC Cannabichromene

CBC Does not crystallize so this isolated CBC comes in liquid/distillate form*

Lab Report

5 reviews for CBC Distillate

  1. Ryan V (verified owner)

    I got this to give my homemade tinctures a lil kick, and it definitely works. During testing I noticed it either created, or greatly potentiated the feelings of well being much more than the other effects which prompted me roll a CBC “wet” cone. Makes your herbal meds burn much longer and seems to help keep negative mental effects a lil more at bay, such as the paranoia & anxiety that can usually interrupt or follow a good sesh.

  2. Randy Francis (verified owner)

    CBN potentiates the effects of other cannabinoids! Also, it’s great to mix with others to help keep them from crystallizing, like CBD distillate.

  3. Randy Francis (verified owner)

    CBN is a great cannabinoid to potentiate the effects of other cannabinoids. It’s also great to mix with others, especially CBD distillate to help keep it from crystallizing.

  4. Damon Brown

    It’s good stuff use it on your blunts like honey to coat it

  5. Matt Stice (verified owner)

    Use to add to tincture! So pure! Great
    Price, love your company

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